How to Exfoliate Skin The Right Way

How to Exfoliate Skin The Right Way

What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliation is the removal of outermost dead skin cells from the skin surface.

The Skin being the largest organ in our body undergoes wear and tear due to multiple reasons including Pollution, Environment, Ageing, Stress, Poor care etc.

Skin Cells are replaced every 28 -  30 days on average in young skin. As we age, the Skin cycle slows down with decreased shedding of skin cells. This causes the skin to look dull, the pores to enlarge in size and the overall appearance of skin to lose its glow and health with uneven skin tone, clogging of pores and blemishes.


Why Should You Exfoliate your face? 

Exfoliation is critical to the skin and offers numerous benefits.


1. Smoothen skin texture

Regular Exfoliation of skin maintains the surface skin smoothness, prevents clumping of skin cells. Exfoliation is important to maintain smooth skin texture


2. Unclog pores, prevent blackheads and whiteheads

During regular exfoliation, excess oil, dead skin cells, dirt are removed from your pores. The skin pores are cleaned preventing the clogging to cells. This aids to remove and prevent blackheads and whiteheads.


3. Prevent acne breakouts

Regular exfoliation of skin with active exfoliants removes dead skin cells and the germs that are attached to the dead cells. This helps to prevent acne breakouts


4. Increase the cell turnover

Regular Active exfoliation of skin with actives leads to a skin cell response. When you Exfoliate your skin, it stimulates the skin cells to produce new skin cells, increasing the cell turnover. This maintains the skin’s healthy fresh look.


5. Boost the skin circulation and lymphatic drainage for better skin health

The massage of the exfoliant into the skin, stimulates blood circulation, which brings in oxygen and nutrients to the skin surface, proving a healthy glow. At the same time, the exfoliation routine stimulates lymphatic drainage to remove the toxins from the skin leading to glowing skin.


6. Maintain even skin tone

Active exfoliation removes the skin surface impurities and removes surface tan. A regular active exfoliation routine improves and brightens skin tone.


7. Allow proper absorption of skincare products

When dead cells are clumped, the skincare products cannot penetrate through. You won’t get the benefit of your skincare. Active Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells, unclogs the skin and helps in better penetration of skincare giving you the full benefits of your skin care regimen.


8. Stimulate Collagen Production

Regular Active exfoliation stimulates collagen production. Collagen maintains skin quality and tightness. Collagen helps reduce visible signs of ageing like fine lines and wrinkles.


9. What is the Best  way to Exfoliate your Skin?

Active exfoliation of skin with non-harsh fruit acids and fruit enzymes are the safest way to exfoliate skin on a regular basis.


Choose your exfoliant based on your skin type.


Skin Q DIY Active Facial Kits are ideal for skin end to end skin exfoliation.

How to Exfoliate Skin Naturally?

Fruits acids like AHA, BHA are naturally derived.

For very sensitive skin, fruit enzymes from Papaya, Pineapple can be used

  • Very Sensitive Skin: Enzymes from Papaya or Pineapple. This is the most natural way to exfoliate skin

How often should you exfoliate your skin?

Skin Exfoliation is based on age and Skin Condition and the type of exfoliant.

If using Active Ingredients like Glycolic Acid / Salicylic Acid/ Lactic Acid / PHA

  • 25 – 35 yrs: Once in 4 weeks
  • 35 – 45 yrs: Once in 3 weeks
  • Above 45 yrs: Once in 2 – 3 weeks


If you are exfoliating your skin with Fruit Enzymes:

  • Once a week

If over 45 yrs: Twice a week

When you regularly exfoliate your skin the right way, using active exfoliants, the best results are seen within in 3 months with improved skin texture and tone.

Always remember to exfoliate with non-harsh exfoliants for best results like the Skin Q DIY Active Facials for home use.

By using professional exfoliation kits, you can ensure that the exfoliation is done right and the skin is balanced.

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