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What makes Indian skin different from others?

Celebrity dermatologist Dr Chytra Anand explains how the Indian skin type differs from other skin types.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Increased melanin content in the skin is the primary reason for hyperpigmentation. Dermatologist Dr Sneha Rao explains what it is, whether it is curable, and its treatment.

Differences between skincare brands

Celebrity dermatologist Dr Chytra explains the differences between dermatologist-formulated skincare brands and other skincare brands.

Can acne be cured permanently?

One of the primary skin concerns worldwide is Acne. Dermatologist Dr Sneha Rao explains what it is, why it happens and whether it's permanently curable.

What is SPF?

Celebrity dermatologist Dr Chytra explains what SPF means, the differences between SPF numbers and the best sunscreen for the skin.

Is sunscreen necessary indoors?

The harmful rays of the sun can penetrate the skin at any place. Dermatologist Dr Sneha Rao explains why it is all the more important to apply sunscreen at all times.

What are active ingredients?

Active ingredients target specific skin concerns that make them necessary components in skincare. Dermatologist Dr Chytra Anand explains the importance and use of these ingredients.

What are AHAs and BHAs?

AHAs and BHAs are two important ingredients in the world of skincare. Dermatologist Dr Sneha Rao explains their significance and how they work on the skin.