How to use SkinQ Acne & Oil Control Serum

How to use SkinQ Acne & Oil Control Serum

Customer Reviews

A Del V

Using this serum from 15 days now and loving it. I have oily and acne prone skin, so i am always hesitant to try beauty products, but so glad i got my hands on this serum. It is working very well on my pimples and pimple marks and i can see the difference.


Highly recommend
Trust me guys this is the best ever acne control serum i have used . Highly recommend.


Worth it
Every single penny is worth 🌟

Deepali Malhotra

Absolutely fantastic, is what I can say for this serum.
It has turned around my skin in the 2-3 weeks I have been using it. It brings a nice glow to the skin and takes the oilness away. It lovely to see the oil to be finally fading away.

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