Our Story

Redefining Beauty Quotient for Indian Skin and Skin of Colour! 

At Skin Q, our mantra is that everyone deserves to have Healthy and Beautiful Skin. We merge Beauty and Science with our experience, know-how, technical skills, and scientific insight. We aim to provide easy to use, effective, clinically tested products with Naturally derived active ingredients that deliver visible results. 

Indian skin deserves special attention and love. We very often end up buying products that are  formulated for western skin tones that do not meet our expectations of desired results. Due to the tropical climate we experience, Indian skin commonly encounters problems such as pigmentation, acne and dullness 

Skin Q, Active Ingredients, Glowing Skin, Fomrulated in India

Skin Q ™  is formulated in-house by Multi-Award Winning, Internationally Renowned Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist & Indian Beauty Guru Dr. Chytra Anand. Over the years , Dr Chytra observed that most skin care product brands were Western or Korean with very minimal  research on Indian skin. Dr Chytra with her vast experience in dealing with Indian Skin types and having always formulated skincare for her patients during her practice as a Dermatologist, has used her specialist knowledge to create a  unique  range of skin care products specifically designed for Indian skin/ Skin of Colour. 


After a decade long research, in collaboration with leading scientific minds of the world, specialising in Indian Skin/Skin of Colour, we are proud to present to you a unique formula designed to tackle Indian skin concerns using International standards.

You Know your IQ ( Intelligence Quotient),But do you know your SkinQ (Skin Quotient) ? 
Join our Indian Skin Care Revolution, care for your skin using products curated for your skin type and discover Healthy & Beautiful Skin.