Redefining Beauty Quotient For Indian Skin And Skin Of Colour!

At SkinQ, Our Story Starts With You — With A Desire To Help You Amplify Your Skin Quotient!

Our Humble Beginnings

Dr. Chytra identified significant gaps and substandard products within the Indian skincare market while collaborating with major brands to develop skin-specific solutions. She wanted to introduce holistic solutions to problems that solve both the root issue and its potential side effects. With over 15 years of extensive experience in treating Indian Skin and Skin of Colour, she formulated products tailored to suit the unique concerns of melanin-rich skin. Her exceptional formulary expertise makes SkinQ stand as a differentiating element and helps people achieve healthy and glowing skin with the right solutions.

A Skin Treatment Plan For Healthy Glowing Skin

Our Journey

SkinQ made its debut in the Indian derma-cosmetic industry in July 2021. Despite being a young brand, we have a portfolio of 14 products across four different skin concern categories. During the process of curating the finest skincare collection, we were honoured with two prestigious recognitions: 'Top 5 Sunscreens*' by Vogue Beauty Festival and 'Top 4 Sunscreens' by Elle Beauty Awards. SkinQ upholds a commitment to high standards. Our product formulations rely on toxin-free ingredients, harnessing the power of naturally derived ingredients and are certified as Made Safe.


Why SkinQ?

SkinQ is India’s First Made Safe certified, dermatologist-formulated, Active Solutions brand for Indian Skin and Skin of Colour. Dr. Chytra, one of the leading dermatologists worldwide, has vast experience with these skin types, and you get to enjoy her craft of the best and uncomplicated skincare solutions.

How is Indian skin different?

Indian skin is rich in melanin, which means our skin tans easily and leads to multiple skin concerns like hyperpigmentation. As such, products made for Caucasian skin do not have the same effects on our skin and require custom-made formulations to be effective. Thus, to treat these skin concerns, it is crucial to use products that ensure healthier skin.

Why SkinQ Against Other Brands?

Carefully crafted products at SkinQ aren’t just a standout because of their specificity for Indian Skin. They are formulated by a dermatologist instead of only being approved and tested by one. It means that apart from the superior and effective formulation, the products further simplify your skincare routine by providing the care and expertise of a dermatologist in a bottle.