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Glow Bright Wonder Mask
Rs. 599 Rs. 690
Exfoliates & seals pores instantly for even-tone radiant skin. Clinically tested clay mask for instant glow in 15 mins 97% users reported decreased pigmentation. 92% users reported reported fading of dark spots. 86% users saw visible reduction in tanning. 27% users reported visible reduction in pore size.
Glow - Detan DIY Active Facial Kit : Anti Tan & Anti Pigm...
from Rs. 425 Rs. 750
5 step easy to use packs at home to give glowing skin in 45 mins. Brightens skin & gives even skin tone & complexion. Unclogs pores & gives deep moisturization to leave skin plump. Dermatologist formulated & tested.
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Glow Detan Elixir Serum, 30 ml : Serum for Glowing Skin &...
Rs. 890 Rs. 990
Potent skin brightening serum with 4 actives for pigmented, patchy skin Removes dark spots, scars, and pigmentation Helps lighten dark circles  Brightens & evens skin tone
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Sun Protect Gel : SPF40 PA ++++ with Vitamin C
Rs. 845 Rs. 1,250
Goodness of Sun protection (SPF 40) + Vit C. Vit C brightens your skin as SPF prevents UV damage. Non sticky, ultra light formula. Daily Use SunScreen that's suited for all age groups - Tested safe for application on babies (6 months+) and kids as well. Voted Top 5 sunscreens of India by Vogue Beauty This sunscreen cream is suitable for all skin types: Oily & Acne-prone skin Dry, Dehydrated & Sensitive skin Dull, Tanned & Pigmented skin Normal skin Combination skin
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Moisture Balm, 50 ml : Face Moisturizer for Dry Skin
Rs. 840 Rs. 990
4 in one CHSN combination of actives repairs skin barrier of normal to dry skin. Hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin. Niacinamide reduces skin sensitivity & brightens dull skin. Get soft, plump skin from 1st application. Non greasy formula that replenishes skin moisture smartly. Dermatologist formulated & tested.
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Instant Glow Beauty Box
Rs. 1,289 Rs. 1,700
Clinically proven products for lifting Skin brightness with regular use. SkinQ detan serum moves up skin brightness by 3 shades in 1 month. Get an instant glow lift with the DIY facial kit before any occasion in 45 mins. Dermatologist formulated & tested.
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Glow Brite Beauty Box
Rs. 4,447 Rs. 6,239
Long lasting blemish-free glowing skin kit of Detan Facial kit, Detan serum & Sunscreen. Dermatologist formulated and tested skin regime. Made with naturally derived actives like Lactic acid, Licorice & Vit C for bright spotless skin.
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Vitamin C Glow Serum, 20 ml
Rs. 599 Rs. 750
15% Grade 1 L-Ascorbic acid that works from 1st application. Brightens skin from within and fights sun damage. Non drying formula with Sodium Hyaluronate. Stable serum; will not oxidize.
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Daily Glow Cleanser, 100 ml : Best Face Wash for Men & Women
Rs. 495 Rs. 550
A gentle cleanser that is pH balanced. Glycerin & Evening primrose give moisturising effect to the skin with cleansing. Niacinamide gently cleans pores & brightens skin. Recommended by leading dermatologists for all skin types.
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Gentle Micellar Water, 100 ml : Makeup Remover
Rs. 390 Rs. 490
Gentle makeup remover with Niacinamide & Aloe. Cleans pores thoroughly while moisturising skin. Safe on eyes & ideal for removing inside eye make-up. In-built cleansing action post makeup removal. Dermatologist formulated & tested, suitable for all skin types. Paraben & Sulphate free.