Dear Men Here’s All You Need to Know About Your Skin

Dear Men Here’s All You Need to Know About Your Skin

The beauty and skincare industry is largely focused on women and men seem to have been pushed aside in a small corner of the room. How much do you personally know about the basics of skincare for men?
Don’t be surprised if all that you can think of are the shaving creams, after-shave and hair products like hair gels.
While it is true that most men may not focus on skincare as much as women, there is also a lack of skincare products formulated especially to meet men’s skin requirements.

Men’s Skin is Different from Women’s
While there is no doubt that there is a difference between male skin and female skin, what exactly is it that creates this difference? A short and simple answer is the male sex hormone testosterone.

The structure and characteristics of male skin are determined by testosterone. Skin hormone receptors functioning to regulate the sebum secretion, sweat production and hair growth, in males, are controlled by testosterone.
Production of collagen and elastin – proteins that are largely responsible for skin aging – are kept consistent by the hormone testosterone, slowing down signs of aging in men.
For women, it is the female sex hormone estrogen that determines their characteristics of the skin. As women enter the phase of menopause, the production of collagen is affected by estrogen making the skin thin and saggy with wrinkles and fine lines. 

Thickness: Several studies have concluded that the skin of men greatly differs from that of women. Men naturally have thicker skin than women, in fact, the difference in the thickness of the skin is about 20%.
The thickness of the skin is also one of the reasons why men generally have fewer wrinkles and superficial lines than women. But men tend to have deeper facial wrinkles than women.

Sebum production: Men also have a higher production of sebum than women as it is highly influenced by sex hormones, making their skin more oily on the face and neckline. Greater sebum production generally means that men tend to be less prone to dry skin. SkinQ’s Unisex Oil Control Wonder Mask that regulates sebum prodcution and minimises pores. 

Pores: While there are pros to having more sebum production, the excess secretion also means that men have pores comparatively larger in number and in size. More pores and sebum secretion makes men more susceptible to impurities, accumulation of dirt, acne, blackheads and whiteheads.

Aging: A thicker skin does mean that men age slowly when compared to women, but they also start losing production of collagen more sooner than women. Once men start to show signs of aging, the rest of the skin journey is quick and there is often not much that can be done to combat these skin problems.
‘Must-dos’ of Skincare Routine
While every skin is different, there are a few things that every single person irrespective of gender and age must do. Here are four things that you need to include in your skincare routine to begin.

Cleansing: Often men tend to ignore the needs of their skin and use a bathing soap to wash their face. Even though men have thicker skin than women, facial skin is comparatively more sensitive than the skin of the rest of the body. A cleanser must deep cleanse the skin, removing the dirt, grime and excess oil without destroying the skin barriers.
If you’re a beginner and unsure of your skin type then look for a cleanser that is suitable for all skin types and meets your requirements. 

Exfoliate: While cleansing helps to get rid of the daily grime and pollution, exfoliating goes deeper into your skin to get rid of the dead skin cells clogging your pores. Exfoliating once or twice a week promotes the growth of new skin cells.
Avoid over-exfoliating as it drys out your skin making it prone to inflammation. Dryness and inflammation assist in the generation of excess oil production.

Moisturizing: Yes, men tend to be less prone to dry skin, but you still need to add a moisturizer to your skin routine. A moisturizer helps to repair skin barriers from environmental damage like UV radiations, pollution, dirt, etc. It also provides nutrients to your skin to make it more supple and counter aging signs. 
When choosing a moisturizer, apart from hyaluronic acid (the best-known skin hydrator), look for ingredients such as ceramide, niacinamide and vitamin E.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is the one product you must always ritualistically apply whether going out or staying indoors at any time of the day. It is the holy grail of skincare and should never be skipped. It is also the best anti-aging cream and should be included in your skincare routine as early as possible.
As men generally have oily skin, you should look for a lightweight and non-greasy sunscreen.
A basic skincare routine suitable for all skin must include these simple steps. Indulging in these four steps is a step towards achieving great and younger-looking skin.

For SkinQ, men are as important as women and that is why our team of experts has created the perfect skincare products for men! You can find our products here to achieve the skin you’ve always secretly wished for!
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