Dry skin cracked lips: winter skincare tips to survive the winter

Dry skin cracked lips: winter skincare tips to survive the winter

Something about winter conjures the Pinterest-worthy images. Layers of snow, fuzzy sweaters, hot chocolate, and Christmas movies. Hmm, doesn’t that sound a bit too good to be true?

Oh wait, that’s because it is! Winter also means extremely dry, cracked, and dehydrated skin. With winter around the corner, get ready to say hello to sandpapered skin and chapped lips. But what if we tell you we have the secret for healthy and hydrated skin even in winter? You heard that right! Winter might be stubborn but with a bit of care & the right nourishments, you will be ready.

A winter skincare routine goes beyond what you apply to your skin. We have put together a bunch of full-proof tips and ingredients to look for so you can enjoy winter to the fullest without worrying about your skin.

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    Some dos & don’ts:

    These are a few dos, and don’ts to keep your skin smooth and moisturized.


    The atmosphere and air in winter are dry and are bound to dry up your skin, but the heating system will do the same. So whether you spend your time outside in frigid air or in a warm room, bundled up; using a humidifier in your room will be beneficial for you.

    You should not dry off completely

    After your showers, don’t dry off completely. Instead, pat yourself dry and apply a thick layer of moisturizer. This would lock in the moisture from the water and keep your skin hydrated.

    Hand lotions & lip balms

    Lip balms are our best friend all around the year, but we rarely give credit to the hand creams. In winter, be sure to carry a hand cream & chapstick with you at all times.

    No exfoliation

    Exfoliation includes rubbing your skin with something. This is a sure way of removing all moisture from your skin. So, put a limit on exfoliation instead of stopping completely.

    Afterward, be sure to apply a generous amount of moisturizer or a hydrating serum on your skin to avoid dryness. The best way to restore hydtaion is to add a home facial kit to deeply rejuvenate that skin. We recommend adding SkinQ Hydrate DIY Facial Kitthe best hydra facial kit, to your Skincare regimen.


    We know this would raise some eyebrows, but a toner that can give your skin a hydrating boost is worth being included in your winter skincare routine.

    Don’t give up on sunscreen

    “Why do I need sunscreen in winter?” You would be surprised to know that the winter sunlight is equally damaging to your skin as the summer sun, if not more. Because of the cold temperature, the sun feels mild and calming. Include sunscreen in your routine if you are going to spend time outside.


    Elements you should include in your skincare products-

    • Hyaluronic acid - gives your dry skin an instant hydration boost. That includes chapped lips too. Lip balms that have hyaluronic along with other natural oils will keep your lips moist and soft for a longer period.
    • Lanolin- If you feel Vaseline isn’t able to heal your cracked lips, lanolin is a much better option for you. It’s known to heal cracked lips and keep them smooth, plump, and hydrated.
    • Chamomile - this soothes irritated and cracked skin.
    • Rose flower oil - Rose flower oil is a gentle and natural hydrator that you should use after washing your face.
    • Lactic acid - Yes, this is an exfoliant, but it’s extremely gentle. So those who exfoliate every once in a while in Winter, look for this in your products.
    • Coconut oil- It has antioxidant properties and is a great moisturizer.
    • Green tea extracts - These have vitamin E and are a great antioxidant. Including this in your skincare would give you a natural glow.
    • Laurelwood seed oil - People with sensitive skin or extremely dry skin on face acting up during winter. If your skin feels itchy or just unpleasant, using Laurelwood seed oil would calm your skin.
    • Shea butter- It’s great for both your skin and lips. Look for this in lip balms and moisturizers or night cream if you use one.

    Skincare tips for different skin types

    For oily skin

    Winter is a confusing & frustrating time for people with oily skin. Sometimes it’s completely dry or seems more like a combination of both oily & dry. You should use a moisturizer that’s fit for all kinds of skin to avoid breakouts.

    For dry skin

    Include hydrating serums, moisturizers, and hydrating face masks. Drink plenty of water and maybe monitor your alcohol intake. Use moisturizers that can capture & lock moisture on your skin. And clean your face before you apply it or it would lock in the dirt too.  Hydrate Elixir by SkinQ has Sodium Hyaluronate & Hyaluronic Acid that intensely moisturizes & hydrates the skin.

    For combination skin

    Eye masks and moisturizers are your saviors! Use the ones that are suitable for your skin.

    You are going to hear this from everyone, but remember to drink A LOT of water to make up for all the moisture loss. Winter has a way of stealing all water from your body, whether you are under direct sunlight or holed up in your room with windows shut & screens drawn. We hope this has helped you understand what to include in your winter skincare routine. So let the healing begin!

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