Hydrators and moisturizers: the myth that oily skin doesn't need moisture

Hydrators and moisturizers: the myth that oily skin doesn't need moisture

Every beauty brand will tell you that hydrating and moisturizing your skin is THE most important step.
Although they use those words interchangeably, hydration and moisturization aren’t the same things. Yes, they both provide nourishment to the skin, but they work differently. Are you aware of what your skin needs? So, understanding the difference is essential to get the right products or skincare routine for you. Let’s look at what makes them different and some products you should try for  hydrating and moisturizing your skin!

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    What exactly is “hydration” & “moisturization”?

    Hydration is the absorption of moisture and then supplying that to skin cells to improve their capacity for absorbing nutrients and moisture.

    Whereas moisturization is locking down the moisture to give you that healthy, smooth glow. 

    What’s the difference?

    Does your skin ever look like all the skin cells are dead or just dull to the point of making you look sick? That’s because it’s dehydrated. If the skin is dehydrated, it needs water, whereas dry skin needs oil to keep it moisturized. They need both hydration and moisturization to keep your skin radiant, smooth, and soft.

    How to know if you need a moisturizer or hydration?

    Isn’t that the million-dollar question? There’s a simple way to find that out!
    If you think that your skin looks extremely dull and all your wrinkles, spots, and fine lines seem more prominent than ever, then you need a hydrator. With dry skin, you will see flaky skin. This is how you figure out what exactly your skin needs. 

    How to get rid of it?

    • For dry skin:
    If your skin is mostly dry and you deal with flaky skin a lot, then your skin is having a hard time capturing the moisture. Using a thick moisturizer will help it lock the moisture while providing additional nourishment. 
    While buying a moisturizer, look for lotions that have plant-based oils. Oils like soybean oil, petroleum, canola oil, coconut oil, or shea butter are very impactful for dry skin. They will prevent water loss from your skin and keep it moisturized.
    • For dehydrated skin:
    If your skin is dehydrated, using a hydrating serum would be best for you. Serums with hyaluronic acid & sodium hyaluronate can add a good portion of water back into your skin.You can also use honey or aloe vera; both of which are completely natural & easily available. 

    Does oily skin need both hydrators & moisturizers?

    Oily skin doesn’t mean hydrated or moisturized skin. If your skin is extremely dehydrated, it will increase the oil secretion. The oiliness makes it difficult for the skin to absorb or capture any moisture. This would only escalate the situation and make things worse for your skin . 

    Oily skin also need to be hydrated and moisturised. You will just have to look for water-based and non-comedogenic products that will make your skin lighter and help with the oiliness. 
    Adding a face mask or two to the routine will also help your skin to look plump and soft .
    To put it simply, look for water-based moisturizers for oily skin and oil-based ones for dry skin.

    Benefits of hydration and moisturization:

    • Hydrating your skin prevents fine lines and aging lines from appearing at an early age on your skin. 
    • Moisturization can reduce your blemishes quite A LOT! With the right formula, it can clear your blemishes.
    • The face is a sensitive area and the skin cells get replaced more than other areas. This leaves the face prone to dryness. By providing the right nourishment, you will get natural glowing and healthy skin.
    • Moisturizers protect the firmness of your skin and keep the muscles plump and smooth. This means well-defined features and sharpness.
    You can and definitely should use both hydrators and moisturizers to get the best results. After all, a bit of extra moisture never truly hurts the skin, does it? With all the stress of the day, heaven knows your skin deserves that relaxation and extra care! So, don’t forget to use a dermatologist-formulated Hydrate Elixir to hydrate skin, and use a moisture-locking Moisture Balm to retain moisture within skin.
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