How to Prevent Hyperpigmentation on Indian Skin ?

How to Prevent Hyperpigmentation on Indian Skin ?

Indian Skin has long been suffering from hyperpigmentation and patchy skin. The presence of melanin which gives color to skin, hair, and eyes,  is responsible for what we are discussing today as Hyperpigmentation. The tropical weather in India complicates the situation of tanning, dark spots, and patchy skin. The Caucasian Skin is comparatively lesser in melanin content than us Asians. Unlike us, due to sun exposure, their skin wrinkles, and on the other hand, we tan easily. “Prolonged exposure to the sun and repeated tanning is the major reason which leads to spots and hyperpigmentation”, says Dr. Chytra V Anand, Award Winning Cosmetic Dermatologist, and Indian Beauty Guru. 

What is Hyperpigmentation 

Melanin content is naturally present in your body and it imparts color to your skin, hair, and eyes. When melanin is in excess, this leads to hyperpigmentation, dark spots and patchy skin. Brown Skin can encounter blotchiness in almost any part of the body. These might take the form of age spots, brown spots, and freckles. When the skin is highly inflamed, Melasma and liver spots might occur on the skin. To add, incorrect ways to treat pigmentation can retrogress. 

Genetics of Brown Skin exposes itself to tanning and inflammation because of its response to a noxious stimulus. Noxious Stimulus is when the skin responds in a manner where it causes damage to the tissues. Thus to prevent hyperpigmentation we need to prevent tan first. We will further discuss the causes and measures that are to be adopted in order to remedy hyperpigmentation. To add, hyperpigmentation products aren’t about harsh treatments but about prevention and effective solutions. In this case, skincare products that are crafted for Brown-Indian skin, is our chase. 

What Causes Hyperpigmentation and How to Treat them?

As discussed above, melanin presence is the most prominent reason for hyperpigmentation in Indian Skin. Apart from this, hormonal fluctuations, acne, and genetics push the skin to produce more melanin, resulting in more sunspots and pigmentation. Menopause, certain medications, and constant exposure to blue light are added reasons that infuriate pigmentation on the skin. 

Along with proper consultation, products for hyperpigmentation should be chosen wisely. Products that contain Lactic Acid, Licorice, Malic Acid, and Kojic Acid, perform exceedingly well in eliminating these concerns. SkinQ’s Glow Detan Elixir Serum is the best skin accessory for those suffering from sunburn. This serum comprises beneficial active ingredients, proven to be instrumental for inflamed skin by the consumers. 

Having said that, treatment for hyperpigmentation can set anyone up for failure if not done properly. Choosing the right product is highly important, since this may make or break the skin situation since hyperpigmentation can be fragile and might get inflamed if paired with the wrong products or procedure. Just as any medicine, this treatment needs proper dosage in order to cure it from its roots. 

With the right use of products, the multitude of reasons that cause hyperpigmentation can be treated as well as prevented in the first place. Proper usage of Science Backed products for pigmentation will gradually improve the skin condition and will eventually boost the skin quotient. Ingredients that penetrate deep into the derma, should be opted for. Indian Skin especially needs tailor-made products for their melanin-rich skin. 

Prevention from Hyperpigmentation 

When purchasing de-pigmentation skincare products, ingredients such as vitamin C, azelaic acid, glycolic acid, ferulic acid, and such topical ingredients need to be paid heed to.  Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen of at least SPF 30, a rating of PA
++++. According to Indian Express, the SPF count doesn't indicate that sunscreen is broad-spectrum, which is why it is advised to look for a PA rating on the product label. It is also found that using vitamin C with sunscreen provides dual protection to the skin. SkinQ Sun Protect Gel is a non-greasy, non-comedogenic, matt sunscreen. This has inbuilt vitamin C and a SPF of 40 with PA ++++.  Round-the-clock usage of sunblock, 2-3 pumps, 15 minutes before heading out is an ideal suggestion to reduce sun exposure, and shield the skin from harmful rays and free- radicals. This will help reduce 90 % of sun damage and is a non-negotiable procedure for the prevention of tan and hyperpigmentation. 


Incorporating these in your skin care regimen will amp up the process of treating spots' discoloration. As mentioned above, proper dosage and concentration are of paramount importance. Thus to choose products that are dermatologist-formulated and expert-developed will serve the skin with the best results. SkinQ’s Vitamin C Glow serum is the best hyperpigmentation serum found in the Indian Skin market. This has 15% L-Ascorbic Acid, Ferulic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, and Emblica which seep deeper into the skin. Religious application of these products is advised by dermats, since the issue is stubborn yet so ordinary for Indian Skin. 

To elaborate further,  treatment for hyperpigmentation isn’t a one size fits all situation. The depth of hyperpigmentation may require bonus skincare steps to be included in the entire regimen to cure discoloration. Intensive treatment for dermal pigmentation demands deep penetrative treatments such as facials and masking. Pigmentation Facial kits are worthier ways to treat and also pamper yourself at the same time. SkinQ’s Glow-Detan DIY Active Facial Kits provide expert therapy that is medically backed and clinically proven to give skin an even tone and pigment-free look. If dwelling for a facial is too much, a clay mask infused with active ingredients is your best friend. SkinQ Glow Bright Wonder Mask gives instant relief from tanning in just 15 minutes. Long-term usage of this clay mask fades pigmentation considerably. 

Thus pigmentation products should be chosen wisely and should be bought through trusted sources whose credibility is assured. In a nutshell, Hyperpigmentation serum, and pigmentation facial kit imparts active solutions for blotchy skin and Hyperpigmentation. 


Indian Skin cannot be deprived of its melanin content, however, taking proper care and adopting proper steps to limit the damage and further regulate the skin is possible. To begin with, integrating sunscreen is inviolable. It is important to remember that treating hyperpigmentation will require time and patience. 

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