Dehydrated Sensitive Skin

All of us experience dryness/ dehydration  of the skin at various points in our life. Sometimes it is a temporary condition and for some, it is more permanent.  Indian Skin when deprived of water/moisture tends to become sensitive and gets irritated quickly leading to your skin having a blotchy appearance  

Our Hydrate range has been specially formulated and includes active ingredients which soothe inflammation while keeping moisture locked inside and reduce the sensitivity.

Dry, Dehydrated skin makes the face look dull & lifeless which can be frustrating. Protect & nourish your skin proactively to achieve soft, supple, and smooth skin. 

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best facial kit for dry and sensitive skin

Hydrate DIY Active Facial Kit - Multi Use

Rs. 3,990
dry skin facial kit

Hydrate DIY Active Facial Kit - Single Use

Rs. 750
best serum for sensitive skin

Hydrate Elixir, 30 ml

Rs. 990
sun protection gel

Sun Protect Gel : SPF40 with Vitamin C - PA ++++, 50 ml

Rs. 1,250
Moisture Balm - Skin-Q

Moisture Balm, 50 ml

Rs. 990

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