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Detan+Glow Active Facial Kit: Best De-tan Pack for Anti-Tan and Anti-Pigmentation | Works with Hydra Facial Machine

Detan+Glow Active Facial Kit: Best De-tan Pack for Anti-Tan and Anti-Pigmentation | Works with Hydra Facial Machine

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Use this detan facial kitwith 5-step easy-to-use packs at home to give glowing skin in 45 minutes

This tan removal detan facial kit

  • Brightens skin & gives even skin tone & complexion

  • Unclogs pores & gives deep moisturization to leave skin plump.

  • Dermatologist-formulated & tested

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How to Use

While using this detan facial kit, make sure to follow this process to get the best result.
Step 1: Cleanse your skin with Micellar Water for 5 minutes to get rid of dirt and impurities
Step 2: Exfoliate your skin with the Active Exfoliation for 5 - 7 minutes to reveal renewed skin
Step 3: Give your skin a quick 5 minutes detox with the help of a Nourishing Massage
Step 4: Massage in the goodness of the Active Boost Pre Mask Serum for 10 minutes to even out skin tone
Step 5: Mix in the Peel off Sheet Mask powder with some water to activate it and apply .Leave it on for 10 minutes and peel/wipe off

You can use this detan facial kit in the following ways:

  • Pre Event Instant Glow - Perfect for a quick me up before an event, instantly removes surface tan while gently exfoliating the Skin
  • Pre Makeup - For smooth application of makeup without clogging and for long-lasting wear - a smooth canvas on your skin for your makeup
  • Post dealing with a Tan, Holiday/Outdoor activities - Helps to instantly remove tan and repair sun damage quickly.
  • Pre Bridal, Pre Interview / Appraisal - Glowing Skin is a statement and an affirmation of good health . Get that glow before your important event/meeting.
  • Healthy Glowing Skin - Use once in 3 weeks for the long term maintenance
  • Pigmentation / Deep Tan / Uneven Complexion / Melasma: Use once in 2 weeks for 4 - 6 months as a treatment plan approach combined with SkinQ Glow Detan Elixir Serum and Sun Protect Gel SPF 40.


Here are some reasons to love this de tan facial kit:
✔It helps to remove tan instantly
✔It brightens skin and evens out skin tone and complexion
✔It smoothens skin texture
✔It unclogs pores


How Long Does Your Facial Kit Last?
SkinQ detan facial kits have a shelf life of around 12-18 months. Once opened, it can last 6-12 months depending on how you store them.

Tips for Storing Your Skincare Products
✔Cool and Dry place
✔As sunlight destroys the active ingredients, store in a dark place

Recognizing When a Product Has Expired:
Even with proper storage, detan facial kits can expire. Here are some signs your SkinQ detan facial kit has expired:
✔Funky Fragrance
✔Colour Change
✔Causing Irritation on applying


Our Glow Detan DIY Active Facial Kitis best suited for people who:

  • Have blotchy skin or uneven skin tone, or pigment patches
  • Do not feel confident of stepping out without makeup
  • Have used numerous skincare products but didn’t get any results
  • Are looking to achieve an instant glow and brighter looking skin.

This facial kit is best for:


This detan facial kit has the following active ingredients which makes it suitable for almost all skin types:

Niacinamide: An powerhouse ingredient that improves skin’s natural barrier, minimizes pore size, prevents UV damage, and softens fine lines
Glycolic Acid: The most effective form of AHA derived from sugarcane that exfoliates the skin and promotes cell turnover to remove dull skin & tan.
Lactic Acid: A gentle form of AHA derived from milk that exfoliates the skin without making it feel dry
Shea butter: A moisture rich ingredient that boosts skin's defense mechanism, and provides intense moisture and relief from inflammation or redness
Cocoa Butter: An occlusive that protects our skin’s barrier and avoids moisture and trans epidermal water loss
Licorice: An active that brightens the skin, softens the skin texture, heals acne scars, and works on hyperpigmentation
Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (Vit C): A potent and stable form of vitamin C that fights hyperpigmentation, dark spots, oxidative damage, and dull skin
Hyaluronic acid: A moisture magnet that attracts water in the skin to prevent trans epidermal water loss and make it plump and supple
Emblica: A strong antioxidant that keeps inflammation in check and soothes the skin
Turmeric Extract: An antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredient that provides a natural glow to your skin
Grape Seed Extract: An ingredient known to prevent and heal your skin from sunburn and sun damage
Aloe Vera: A soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredient

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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Anjali Raj

Detan+Glow Active Facial Kit - Anti Tan & Anti Pigmentation Facial Kit

Shivangi Wadhia

Detan+Glow Active Facial Kit - Anti Tan & Anti Pigmentation Facial Kit

Swathy .

Detan+Glow Active Facial Kit - Anti Tan & Anti Pigmentation Facial Kit


An Instant glow facial at home. It’s so good

Instant effect!

Best facial kit ever. Superb results, loved it. Removes tan, smoothens your skin, moisturises and brightens skin tone, visible effect.