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Unlock the next level in the future of skincare with SkinQ's AI Mirror. With just a simple selfie, you can start a personalised skin journey that unveils the secrets to your skin's unique needs.

Do your skin analysis online with our cutting-edge AI technology that seamlessly blends the expertise of dermatologists with the ease of accessibility. Discover a comprehensive skin analysis and get personalised recommendations at your fingertips.

The SkinQ AI Mirror quickly and reliably helps you with a skin test online for multiple skin concerns, making it easier to understand your skin's specific requirements. Designed to cater to diverse skin types, including Indian skin and skin of colour, our AI-powered face scanner for skin care ensures that you receive personalised solutions that work best for you.

In four simple steps, you start your journey to healthy skin. What's more, our AI skin analysis is completely free, making expert skin care accessible to everyone.

Take control of your skincare journey and achieve radiant, healthy skin like never before with our skin scanner online free solution, the SkinQ AI Mirror.

Why Take the SkinQ AI Mirror Skin Test Online?

Advantages of the AI Mirror

  • Easy access to a dermatologist-led analysis
  • Convenient for all as it’s free
  • Quick and accurate solutions
  • Personalised solutions for individual skin concerns
  • Works best for Indian skin and skin of colour

It might not be possible for everyone to go to a dermatologist and get skincare solutions for their skin concerns. There are other instances where one’s skin seems fine from the outside but without a test, the finer details remain hidden. This is where the online test of SkinQ’s AI Mirror helps identify specific skin concerns based on the user’s skin type and gives personalised skincare solutions that would work best for the skin.

How SkinQ Online Skin Test Works?

4 Simple steps for a healthy skin

Step 1: Open the SkinQ AI Mirror on your phone

Step 2: Click your selfie & upload it

Step 3: Enter your details 

Step 4: Get your personalised skin solution

For the best results, upload your selfie that was clicked in real-time.

Understanding AI Skin Analysis Test Results

The SkinQ AI Mirror utilises an extensive database of over 10,000 images of Indian skin & skin of colour to conduct its analysis. By incorporating the inputs from dermatologists, who have provided valuable solutions for various skin types and concerns, the AI Mirror creates personalised skin solutions. This combination helps the AI Mirror provide instant results, accurately identifying an individual's specific skin concerns and offering the best product recommendations.

Check the skin concerns scanned and evaluated by the AI Mirror!

Dark Circles - The AI tool scans the under-eye area for dark circles and marks the area with overlays to show the severity.

Elasticity - It analyses and scores the skin based on the skin’s ability to stretch and snap back.

Skin Firmness - It scans and identifies the skin sagging levels on the user’s face.

Dehydration - The tool scans and identifies the areas where dehydration is detected.

Oiliness - The AI analyses the skin and shows the areas where oiliness has impacted the skin.

Texture - It detects the areas on the skin with the maximum bumps and dents. It also lets the user know about skin smoothness.

Wrinkles - The areas affected by wrinkles and scores them based on what is detected.

Pores - The AI identifies the areas most affected by pores and gives a score on that.

Spots - The Artificial Intelligence Tool identifies which part of the skin is affected by dark spots only and then gives a score for the severity level.

Acne - It checks on the different types of acne present on the skin to give a final score for the severity.

Redness - It detects the areas that have been most affected by any type of skin irritation that leads to redness.

Uneven skin tone - The AI scans the face to determine the areas where uneven skin tone is present on the skin.

Skin category - Based on the result it generates, the AI determines the user's skin type.

Once the checks are completed, the scores are shared and the skin type is determined, the AI recommends products that would work best for the user's skin.

AI Skin Analysis Online Test - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I trust the accuracy of an online skin test?

 A: Absolutely. Though it’s an online test, the results have been created, checked and approved by dermatologists.

2. How is my personal information handled during the face skin analysis test?

 A: The images are encrypted and saved on the cloud. The user information is safe, secure and not used anywhere else for business purposes.

3. Can I take the online skin test if I have sensitive skin?

A: Yes. In fact, this test can be taken by people of all skin types.

4. Are the recommendations provided suitable for all skin types?

A: It is suitable for all skin types.

5. How long does it take to receive the AI skin analysis test results?

A: It provides instant results.