Mastering the Technique: How to Apply Skin Care Products Correctly | SkinQ

Mastering the Technique: How to Apply Skin Care Products Correctly | SkinQ

To get the best results, using the best skin care products isn’t enough. Most skin care routines involve 10 steps that promise to give you the perfect glowing and healthy skin. Whether your skin care routine is 4-steps long or 10-steps, it can still manage to leave you dissatisfied if applied with the wrong technique.

Read on for a clear breakdown of the right technique for each skin care product.

Right Order of Using your Skin Care Products

Before we jump into the techniques, let's have a look at the right order of using your skin care products:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Exfoliator
  3. Serums
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Sunscreen



It takes little guessing to know that cleansing is one of the most essential parts of any skin care routine. Your skin comes in contact with dirt, pollution, grime and sebum that tends to clog up your skin pores. A good face cleanser helps to wash off these impurities from your skin. But even the best face cleanser will give the desired results when used with the right technique. 

How to Use:

  • Ensure you’ve washed your hands clean
  • Wet your face with normal or lukewarm water
  • Take an appropriate amount of face cleanser in your palm and massage upwards in circular motion. Massage for 20-30 seconds with your fingertips. Avoid harsh actions.
  • Rinse off the face cleanser with normal or lukewarm water

When choosing your skin care products, ensure that it is suitable for your skin type and skin concerns. Avoid face cleansers with fragrance and ingredients such as sulphate.



Dermatologists recommend exfoliating 2-3 times a week. Exfoliating helps remove the dead skin cells to give you a bright and clear skin. Avoid over-exfoliating as it can lead to several skin issues including inflammation and irritation of skin, flaking, burning and redness of the skin. 

How to Use:

  • After cleansing your face, take sufficient amount of the exfoliator and apply on wet skin
  • Gently massage in circular motion. Avoid harsh actions while massaging
  • Rinse off the product with lukewarm or normal water and pat dry your face 

SkinQ’s Acne Control Mask is formulated with active ingredients like salicylic acid which helps draw out impurities from the skin pores. With benefits of niacinamide, zinc PCA, green tea and chamomile, our face mask helps control the excess sebum thus preventing acne breakouts.



Face serums are skin care products formulated with concentrated amounts of ingredients. These are typically lightweight and are easily absorbed by the skin. Serums help fade dark spots, minimise the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, prevent sun damage, etc. 

How to Use:  

  • Layer your face with ample serum and tap into your skin
  • Allow the skin to absorb the product before following up with the next step
  • Serums are to be incorporated into your daily skin care routine and can be used once or twice a day



Moisturizing helps protect the skin barrier from dryness, inflammation and irritation of the skin as well as helps retain moisture of the skin. Regular use of a face moisturizer also minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

How to Use:

  • Take sufficient amount of your face moisturizer and apply in small dots on your face and neck
  • Gently rub in the face moisturizer in upward direction.
  • Moisturizing is essential regardless of your skin type
  • For oily skin, avoid comedogenic product



As the last step of your skin care routine, sunscreen for face is also among the most essential steps of every skin care routine. Whether you're stepping out in the sun or moving around in shade, your skin is continuously exposed to harsh UVA and UVB rays which can lead to several skin issues including premature ageing, hyperpigmentation, dark spots as well as skin cancer. Sunscreen helps protect your skin against these harsh sun rays. 

How to Use:

  • Choose a sunscreen with SPF40 or above to get the most protection.
  • Apply ample sunscreen on your face, neck and ears at least 20 minutes before stepping out.
  • Ensure to apply it on all exposed body parts including hands, legs, feet, etc.
  • Reapply every 3-4 hours in case of long exposure or when outdoors.

Wrapping Up

Results of any skin care products largely depend on the technique you use. To get that healthy, glowing and bright skin, go that extra mile to learn the “do’s and don’t’” of using your skin care products. Little efforts can help you in the long run.

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