Glow - Detan DIY Active Facial Kit : Anti Tan & Anti Pigm...
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De tan facial kit with 5-step easy-to-use packs at home to give glowing skin in 45 minutes. Tan removal - brightens skin & gives even skin tone & complexion. Unclogs pores & gives deep moisturization to leave skin plump. Dermatologist formulated & tested.
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Glow - Detan DIY Active Facial Kit - Single Use - Pack of 2
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5 STEPS, 45 MINS TO INSTANT GLOWING & VISIBLY BRIGHTER SKIN   Afraid of going to a salon to have a facial treatment but want to pamper your skin? In 45 minutes or less, SkinQ's Glow Detan DIY Active Facial Kit will have you looking and feeling your best for any occasion. The de tan facial kit is not like your regular facial kit, it's much more than that. It's like a "A Peel in a box" because it instantly brightens your skin and adds a glow to your skin that nobody can stop complimenting.   The de tan facial kit is a dermatologist formulated kit that is enriched with multiple actives all that helps to combat uneven skin tone, dullness and pigmentation. The result? Instant tan removal and glowing, radiant skin in just a few easy steps in the comfort of your home.    In a fast-paced world where patience is hard to come by, our de tan facial kit can be of great use to just anybody. This de tan facial kit is your one-stop answer, whether you need to give your skin some love and care or you're searching for a pick-me-up before an event. It contains everything you could possibly need.   The SkinQ Glow Detan DIY Active Pigmentation Facial Kit is ideal for anyone seeking a quick glow before a party or wanting to permanently address pigmentation issues. Hyperpigmentation is not just difficult, but also frustrating to treat. It is thus critical to tackle the concern consistently using professional treatment like this pigmentation facial kit developed to lighten pigmented patches and even out the overall skin tone.   SkinQ’s DIY Active Facials are a first of its kind, Dermatologist-formulated, safe to use at-home skincare routines that reset your skin in just 5 steps and 45 minutes! The active ingredients like the Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Emblica instantly remove surface tan, and soften and smoothen skin leaving it glowing. This detan and pigmentation facial kit is great for pre-event/party pick me up for the skin or for controlling Melasma and skin pigmentation.